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Members are provided password access to Members’ Area Only information services.  This information is provided by key stakeholders and not published for general use until such time of BC ACE deems fit. The information provided will be detailed and/or technical in nature.  BC ACE provides shares information but cannot guarantee completeness or accuracy of Information shared.  BC ACE will do everything reasonable to ensure the factual and correct nature of information provided to its members.

The terms of use for information provided will be clearly marked. BC ACE will seek out and recruit key information sources and Subject Matter Experts. BC ACE will promote and archive information.

Members can provide suggestions or requests for additional information for our website.  Subject Matter Experts and other information providers are requested to submit outlines detailing the content of their submissions. BC ACE Board will review materials submitted and approve placement on our website. All submitters will automatically provide BC ACE the right to distribute their submissions as BC ACE sees fit.  All submitters will be credited on the website.

The information provided in this section is a resource library for members.  BC ACE hopes to create a forum for our members to show case their products, services and innovations and where appropriate, enable our members to access each other to gain a deeper understanding of member offerings and opportunities.

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