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Membership in BC ACE provides an opportunity for you to join a community of like-minded professionals and businesses committed to developing the industry. You will be part of an organization with a focus on advancing and shaping the future of Conservation and Efficiency in BC, as well as the nature and quality of the benefits the industry provides to our economy, society and environment.

Membership provides a litany of practical benefits that will be assets to you and your fellow members in your business activities.

We are more influential on Policy and Direction as a collective

  • strengthen the message and its impact
  • represent the industry as a cohesive group

We can promote and develop the industry better as a unified voice

  • define and clarify “the message”
  • coordinate communication efforts
  • generate critical mass

We can benefit as a network of professionals

  • leverage our knowledge, expertise and connections through networking
We can benefit by the efficient sharing of information
  • pool resources and information

We can focus initiatives to create a foundation for advancing Conservation and Efficiency

  • concentrate our efforts toward enhancing critical elements that are key to the industry

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