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The Home Performance Stakeholder Council (HPSC) is made up of a core group of dedicated industry representatives committed to working together to advance home performance in BC.  Operating as a sub-committee within the BC Advanced Conservation & Efficiency Association (BC ACE), the HPSC represents the residential interests as it relates to energy-efficiency and conservation.

The HPSC Executive Group facilitates planning and implementation of our operations and activities.  Additionally, the HPSC also includes a representative from each Industry Sector Council and invites input and participation from key industry sector members including contractors, sub-trades, manufacturers, suppliers, trade associations, and industry experts.



What We DoOurPurpose

The HPSC exists to help companies operating in home performance succeed.  We believe industry input is critical to developing effective long-term policies and programs that support home performance.

Through our Sector Council’s, we create opportunities for industry to provide an impactful voice on the unique needs of their sector in effort to build BC’s home performance industry. Our focus is to facilitate industry development in the following key areas:




To create opportunities for industry to work together to provide input and recommendations that remove industry barriers and promote growth.


Market Growth

To support the development of effective, long-term strategies, tools and resources to accelerate industry growth and expand business opportunities.


Capacity Building

To cultivate and support a trained and qualified workforce that reliably delivers home performance related products and services.


Quality Workmanship

To help the development and implementation of programs, training and accreditation that supports quality workmanship.

  • Download a copy of the HPSC's committee brochure here
  • For more information, contact us via e-mail at info@homeperformance.ca
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Stay ConnectedQuote

HPSC asks that you please stay connected with us so that we can better understand your interests in home performance and can communicate with you more effectively in the future.  If you’re interested in getting involved with the HPSC, you can:

  • Stay connected by adding your name to our mailing list below to receive regular news or updates.
  • Provide thoughts and ideas on issues that you see as important for industry development.
  • Get involved by attending future meetings or events to engage with other industry players.
  • Actively participate as a member of an Industry Sector Council.

We promise that your contact information will remain private, we will not give your details to others, and we will not "spam" you with a lot of unwanted e-mail.  Your information will only be used to update on HPSC events and communications.

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