About Us

BC ACE is a non-profit association created for the purpose of advocating for conservation and efficiency in our use of resources, and promotes the industries that deliver this vital element of our economy, society and the environment. The Board of Directors seeks to serve all members of the industry and support their wider purpose of advancing conservation and efficiency.

BC ACE is a Champion for the Conservation and Efficiency Industry in BC and will:

  • advocate for legislative and regulatory positions which advance conservation and efficiency
  • take positions on issues affecting the industry and be a voice for the industry in media and other forums
  • promote Conservation and Efficiency and the industry for the role they play in building a sustainable society

BC ACE is engaged as a Conduit for the Continuous Improvement of Conservation & Efficiency in BC and will:

  • participate in the development of the conservation and efficiency market for the benefit of members and the general public
  • organize and support collaborative industry efforts to define the potential for conservation and efficiency
  • consult with government and utilities to assess the efficacy of existing and planned initiatives
  • assemble, develop and distribute information and education material useful to the industry, its members and the general public

BC ACE is a Focal Point for Support Conservation and Efficiency and will:

  • provide associated professional organizations with support for their conservation and efficiency initiatives and activities
  • host events and forums to promote conservation and efficiency activities of members and the industry
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